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Basic Infection Prevention and Control (PPI) Training

Basic PPI training is initial training and introduction to infection prevention and control programs aimed at hospital personnel throughout Indonesia. This training can be attended by doctors and nurses who work in hospitals.

Advanced Infection Prevention and Control (PPI) Training

PPI Advanced Training is for Indonesian healthcare professionals who completed Basic PPI Training. It enhances practical skills, deepens infection prevention and control knowledge. Open to doctors and nurses in hospitals

Infection Prevention Control Doctor (IPCD) Training

This training is intended for IPCDs working in hospitals. The training is two-way and includes discussions on current issues frequently encountered in hospital infection prevention and control. Participants of this training are doctors who serve as IPCDs in hospitals.

PERDALIN ARTS (Antimicrobial Stewardship Round Table Simulation) consists of two types: PERDALIN ARTS and PERDALIN ARTS for REVIEWER. The training aims to enhance knowledge and skills for PPRA members and reviewers in hospitals, including hands-on simulations for antibiotic evaluation.

IPCN Training boosts nurses' infection prevention skills through discussions and simulations. Nurses' pivotal role in ensuring a safe healthcare environment is emphasized.

Hospital Visiting

PERDALIN conducts hospital visiting activities: IHT-PPI offers infection prevention training and direct hospital visits, while PERDALIN ARTS-TAG guides hospitals in creating Antibiotic Usage Guidelines based on prior participation in PERDALIN ARTS.