About Us

INDONESIAN INFECTION CONTROL ASSOCIATION abbreviated as PERDALIN. At the international level, the name INDONESIA SOCIETY OF INFECTION CONTROL, abbreviated as INASIC, is used for the address at EightyEight@Kasablanka Office Tower Lt. 10 Unit E, Jl. Casablanca Cav. 88 - South Jakarta 12870


PERDALIN/INASIC was established on April 26, 2000 in Jakarta. PERDALIN/INASIC is a scientific and professional organization that is independent, oriented towards improving the quality of health services which aims to provide a platform for the development and development of infection control in the broadest sense, both independently and in collaboration with scientific associations and other professions. The leadership consists of the Central Board and the Branch Managers.


Currently, PERDALIN is already a member of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control (APSIC) based in Singapore and always maintains cooperative relationships with various other infection control organizations abroad. PERDALIN has also become a resource person for the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in terms of infection control in health care facilities.

PERDALIN is currently continuing to expand its wings, trying to innovate in infection control, while also having reliable trainers who have conducted training at home and abroad.

PERDALIN Branches : Jakarta, Surabaya, Manado, Medan, Makassar, Semarang, Solo, Palembang, Bandung, Banda Aceh, Malang, Jambi, Papua, Yogjakarta, Bali, Municipality, Banten, Central Kalimantan, Riau, West Nusa Tenggara, Bengkulu, Padang

Vision and mission

To become a professional seminary organization that plays a role in infection prevention & control at the national and international levels

Increase the professionalism and knowledge of health workers and the public in the field of infection prevention & control to prevent and reduce the incidence of infection
Making PPI practices a culture of behavior for health workers to ensure patient safety
Establish cooperation with national and international organizations/institutions/governments related to PPI
Playing an active role in assisting the central and regional governments in the field of health services related to infection prevention & control
Provide recommendations related to PPI to policy makers and stakeholders based on evidence-based studies which are the reference for national health service quality standards
Organizing effective, efficient, accountable organizational governance
Activities organized by PERDALIN
Basic Infection Prevention and Control Course
Advanced Infection Prevention and Control Course
Infection Prevention and Control Physician Training (IPCD)
Infection Prevention and Control Nurse Training (IPCN)
Antimicrobial Resistance Control Training (PPRA)
In House Infection Prevention and Control Training
Seminars/workshops on other Infection Prevention